Upscaling decoration ideas

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Upscaling is the art of taking an old piece of furniture that no one really wants, and turning it into something functional and beautiful for your home. It’s about breathing life into something that was close to going into the bin and making more of it than it was before.

The advantages of upscaling (as opposed to buying something brand new) are that not only do you get to nurture your living space you are putting something of yourself into your furniture, while at the same time saving some cash. You can use items you already own, or buy them cheap from a thrift shop or a charity outlet. Don’t forget car boot sales, as they are a great source of unusual items at low prices. Even pre-loved or free items can be changed.

Shabby chic is a popular style in which people reinvent old pieces of furniture, but if that look isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still give yourself some creative joy with upscaling.

coffee table

Some items are ideal for upscaling
Wooden shutters are great for upscaling purposes. They have so many possible uses, and they are often already available in unique colours and finishes so there is a limited amount of work you need to do on them anyway. If you stand up three or four together behind your bed, they make a great headboard! Alternatively, they’re a good way to feature a bank of pictures or even decorative plates on the wall. You can use them in a similar way to the old-style clocking card holders for keeping papers, cards and notes in a safe place, or even as a rack to hang kitchen tools.

Breathe new life into old furniture
Coffee tables tend to lose their appeal after a few years, and styles do go out of the window quite quickly, but they can still have a lot of use after their coffee-table-incarnation.

Those with a second shelf below the top surface can be turned into a comfortable bench seat with storage; all you need are lovely cushions to sit on, the perfect alcove or space to place it in, and maybe a wicker basket to hold things neatly on the bottom shelf.

coffee table2

Paint may be enough
You don’t have to have the imagination it takes to give something a brand new purpose. If your coffee table is looking a bit battered and sad, why not give it a coat of paint, or a faux metallic finish? Bookshelves that have had their day can be reinvigorated with a change of scenery and a lick of varnish; if it’s already painted and is solid wood, why not sand it off and bring out the natural grains?

Get rid of a few drawers
Dressers and sideboards are old-fashioned items that have a lot of potential for modern day living, but who needs all those drawers? Be brave! Remove some of the drawers to create spaces within the furniture. More wicker baskets, a place to keep your hi-fi … there are so many pleasures you can get out of one item.


Wallpaper in unusual places
If you’ve got something that’s already painted, but just looks a bit tired, try using wallpaper samples to line sections of the door or drawer inlays; this can link the item with the wallpaper in that particular room, or it can just lend a bit of interest and colour to an otherwise dull item.

Interior Design for Dummies

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You might think that you’re not creative at all and that interior design is best left to the experts, but how many people have enough money to pay an interior designer to help them to create their dream home?

modern furniture

In fact, with a bit of time to spare, anyone can become an interior designer. You might not be a professional, but if you’you’ve got a basic idea about how you’d like your home to look then you might be pleasantly surprised when you see how easy it is to make those dreams a reality.

Start by Planning Colours
Don’t start by visiting your local DIY store, picking a tin of paint from the shelf and taking it home to decorate your wall. Before you even think about starting to decorate, you need to plan in detail. Look through magazines for colours that you like. Cut them out and try them side by side. See which combinations work, and which don’t.

Find a colour scheme that you like, and once you’re happy with your selected colours then you should spend weeks looking through catalogs and on websites to find pieces of furniture and cushions that match.

Think About Space
Finding nice furniture doesn’t directly lead to placing it in your home. Many of the pieces that you like will not end up in your final design. Once you’ve found colours and furnishings that you like, get their measurements and see how they’ll fit in your room. Start to think about where you want to put the sofa, which way the desk will face and how you’re going to store things.

interior decoration ( sitting room)

Plan a Focal Point
Every room should have a focal point – the place that captures the attention. In the lounge it’s usually the TV, but in other rooms it’s harder to decide exactly where people should be looking when they’re not actively looking for something specific. As you design your room and plan where things will fit, think carefully about what you want people to focus on and whether your other pieces of furniture are encouraging that.

Consider Accessories
It’s great that you’ve got a colour scheme, but don’t go overboard. Some people start to believe that they should buy everything in their chosen colour, and they eventually end up with a house that looks garish and like something that a child might have created. Instead of making your walls purple, adding a purple sofa, putting a purple rug or carpet on the floor and buying purple lampshades and ornaments, pick a neutral colour for two or three walls and buy a sofa in the same neutral colour.

Accessorise with large cushions and a pair of curtains your favourite shade of purple, rather than making purple the core colour. Sometimes, less really is more. You wouldn’t wear an outfit that was all one colour, so why would you make your room do it? Do you have any interior design tips of your own? What do you think are the best colours for a room at the moment? Do you have any essential accessories that you wouldn’t be without? Share your
interior design ideas in a comment, below.

A natural style conservatory

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Since the porch often opens onto the garden, why not give it a natural style that will fit with your outdoor space? You can use your porch as a living room or a dining room by using canopies and carports for homes. here are the accessories that will help you create a natural veranda.

The furniture 
To furnish your conservatory you must rely on natural materials. If you want to use this room as a dining room , it’s easy because you only have to offer a beautiful light wood table. Very trendy at the moment, these tables offer clean lines that highlight the beauty of wood. This will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your room veranda. If you prefer to turn your porch area , the possibilities are numerous furniture. To play the card type, you can equip a sofa in a natural color and whether it is linen, it’s even better. You link to it a wooden coffee table and some pillows with floral motifs or simply the words “nature”. Also note that you can use a garden inside! Why not install a lounge in wicker or rattan to instantly set the tone!

conservatory furniture

Decorative accessories for a conservatory 
It’ll just tweak the mood with a few accessories. For example, you can place a canvas to type accents on a wall or ask stickers window on the bottom of your glass veranda. Then do not hesitate to vegetate the room to give him a real garden feel. Think of large potted plants but also to the original objects as the squares of greenery Racine Carré that you can install on a coffee table.

Beautiful furniture makes beautiful home

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You have bought your new home, you have stripped out the old dated decoration plan of the previous owner, you have had new windows fitted and a new damp proof course, you have painted the walls, fitted cupboards in the kitchen, bought new carpets and put up some vintage wallpaper in the living room… Now what’s next? The furniture of course!

The furniture you add to a room can be the finishing touch to transform it into the designer home of your dreams. There are a few key rooms in the home to think about when looking to buy new furniture, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The furniture for the kitchen is important but often practicality is the key concern so I am going to focus on the living and dining rooms.

beautiful furniture 2013

The Living Room; It is surely a favorite room in the home, the room you go to relax and unwind. So your furniture decisions should reflect this… think about large leather sofas to sink into, luxurious soft furnishings and thick curtains. If like me you like to unwind with a strong coffee and dark chocolate in the evening you might want to think about a solid pine coffee table, these look great in a natural colour or in white. The fireplace is often the key feature of any living room, and I like to try and keep the original fireplace surround when possible, if this has already been removed though you can take the opportunity to be bold and look at some modern examples of fireplace surrounds.

modern dining room

The Dining Room; This is a room of elegance, a place to enjoy fine food, expensive wine and the company of friends when hosting dinner parties. This room is all about the dining table, it will be the focal point of the room and the choice of table and the way you decorate it will be crucial. My personal choice is a glass dining table but you can get some beautiful oak tables from the finest craftsmen. Keep an eye out for dining table and 6 chairs sets which you can buy online and get some great furniture at even better prices! Of course there are other rooms in your home such as bedrooms and maybe even a study room, so remember not to use your entire budget on three rooms!

Finishing touches: How to select a living room table?

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If you’re completely redecorating a living room, it can be difficult to know where to start, with regards to choosing furniture. It’s important to get it right because the living room is where most of us choose to unwind after a hard day at work, spend time with the family, and/or entertain guests.

Often, we know which individual items of furniture we like, but until it’s all together, we struggle to visualise what it will look like, or what we can fit in. The likelihood is, unless you have a really large living room space, it will probably only be able to handle three to five pieces of furniture. A technique known as ‘staging’ is really effective to aid planning of the living space layout. To stage your room, take some masking tape and mark off the areas where you would place your various pieces of furniture. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to get a good idea of what the open floor space will be like, and how the room will look.

Keep it Light
It’s a fact that lighter rooms look bigger. A great way to create a light and airy space is to avoid bulky furniture and, where possible, go with glass. A glass coffee table will create the illusion of more space, so it is ideal for living rooms on the small side.

Alternatively, if glass isn’t your favourite, keep things looking light and open with pale furniture. A white coffee table with light coloured fixtures has the same effect.

Go with the space shape
By going with furniture that mirrors the shape of the room, you create a streamlined effect which helps to make the space feel more open.
So, for example, if you have a long, narrow living room, choose a narrow coffee table- as a round or square table would be in danger of imposing on the space. And if your living room is on the small side, choosing lightweight, delicate furniture rather than chunky pieces to create the illusion of a much bigger space.

An ottoman with built-in storage is a great feature piece to have in the living room. Not only can it sit in front of the settees and act as either a coffee table or a footstool, but it can also help you keep the room clear of clutter with the storage options. Whatever you decide to go for, remember that investing in a good quality piece of furniture means you’ll not only get something that looks good, but you’ll get longevity from it too.

This article was contributed by Laura Moulden on behalf of AHF Furniture & Carpets; specialists in quality home furniture.

The beauty of rustic furniture

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rustic furniture decoration

There’s nothing quite like going into an old fashioned pub, sitting down in front of a log wood fire and enjoying a smooth local ale. There is however, no reason why you can’t enjoy the very same thing in your own home; as technology advances further, it is becoming more popular to cling to the fashions of the past; where we feel safe, comforted and warm.

But how can you turn your home into a rustic pleasure?

As well as buying a bulk load of quality rustic oak furniture from oak furniture uk, or somewhere similar, there are many things that you can do to get that essential rustic feeling.

You can start with the floor.
Unknown to most is the fact that once you buy any form of hardwood flooring, it can last for generations. Not only that but it will actually increase the value of your home overall, which is great if you are looking to sell in the near future. Plus, if that is an option that you’re looking at, research has shown that homes fitted with hardwood flooring will actually sell at a quicker rate than those without.

rustic flooring

Although engineered flooring does not devalue your home in any such way, it is considered the cheaper of the two options. Bear in mind however that if you’re working on a budget, this could be handy, (plus it’s far better for the environment as it takes up far less wood to make).

What about lighting?
Although when you tend to think homely, the vision you get is of a warm glowing, ethereal light; if you are looking to save on budget, you could try and improve things by making use of the natural light that is available to you. For example, installing a skylight or even some French doors into a room is a great way of making use of the free light that is made available to us.

rustic dining table with chairs

Alternatively, you can spruce up the light you already have by buying brass ornaments for your walls, which shall reflect beautifully the light that you already have. Having a wander through a drift store or car boot sale is a brilliant way of picking up things for your home; not everything that you find in these places is considered ‘junk’. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea for example, many people make household items and furniture out of driftwood, some people are even lucky enough to make a living out of it. If you fancy making some rustic furniture yourself, there are a few basic steps to preparing the wood for decoration.

Drying it out is one of the most important steps. It is actually better for the wood that you do so in a place that provides a normal temperature and a good breeze so that the air circulates well around the wood.
Your next step is to bleach the wood so that all the insects and mosses are killed from the body. After this step, you will of course have to dry the wood out once more.