Installing a library in the entrance of your home

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home library 2

When you love books & your thirst for reading is inexhaustible, this does not necessarily mean the same for your storage space for books in your house.The library room can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. So in this case you are not able to expand your collection of books, But no worries, You can transform the entry of your house into a beautiful library in a limited budget. But beware, errors are to be avoided in order not to burden your entry. Here are some tips for installing the ideal library in your driveway.

What books in the lobby?
Please note that the entry act as a welcoming place of your home. This is the first piece that you can see when you get home and it is the place that sets the tone for the wholehome library atmosphere of your home. It would be a shame to store books that do not have an interest in deco. Example, you can highlight beautiful books by putting them front and not on their edge on a shelf wall. In this way, your books will act like paintings that you can change your mood. The entrance is also a common place shared by the whole family, so we must prefer books that can be viewed by adults as well as children and can also be stored in the library for whole family. Finally, be careful not to overload your library that space does not seem too confined, especially if your entry is already narrow. For this, separate the rows of books with other objects such as vases, sculptures or even lamps .

How to choose a library?
If your entry is narrow, you will determine the depth of your library based on the remaining space keeping 1 meter width passage. You can also choose to insert a library on the wall opposite the door to keep your workpiece width. If your wall is equipped with a door, try the library will measure your door frame, an original solution for new storage space. Finally, with a narrow entrance, select a library in the same color as your walls in light colors instead. If, however, your entry is wide and great, you can play on volumes with an impressive library and a different color of your walls. You can also enjoy a library with open bottom to separate your room and hide behind coats and shoes. Finally, if you have a staircase, a library below to install it fill the void.


Different Uses for Prefabricated Garages

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When you add a prefab garage to your home, you should see more than just parking space. There are many different opportunities to be had with these structures, from the traditional to the unusual. Presented below are just a few of the possibilities available with prefabricated garages.


Garages and Sheds
Of course, sometimes a garage is just a garage. There’s certainly nothing wrong with using your prefabricated structure to store a car, lawn equipment, or other items you might find in a typical garage or shed. Even when used in its traditional manner, though, a prefabricated garage can open up all sorts of other space for you. Not having a vehicle taking up space on your lawn can allow you more luxury in terms of landscaping and design. It can also open up some exciting opportunities such as a larger garden or a Jacuzzi area, depending on how much space you’re saving.

Office Space
One of the growing trends in the UK is the tendency to use prefabricated garages as small office spaces. Each garage can typically hold two to three desks with computers, telephones, and other amenities. As long as heat and power are provided, a small team of workers can use the space effectively throughout the year. Even if you don’t have a small business of your own, using your garage as office space can free up a study or spare room in your home, which can then be used for a different purpose.

Garage workshop

If you like to work with your hands, a concrete garage is a good place to set up your workshop. This offers you protection from the elements so you can work no matter what the weather outside looks like. It also gives you as much privacy as you want – if you don’t want people looking in on you, you just have to close the garage door. The other benefit of turning a garage into a workshop is that the concrete absorbs a lot of sound, so people in your home won’t be bothered if you’re using power tools or doing something else that generates a lot of noise.

A garage doesn’t have to be used for work or storage alone. It also makes a great place for a variety of forms of entertainment. If you have kids who want a clubhouse, you can clear the garage out to give them that. If you have a band that needs a place to practice, a relatively soundproof structure like a prefabricated garage works perfectly. Even if you need a location to shoot an amateur film, your garage can easily be turned into a soundstage or set.

prefebricated garages

The different uses for sectional garages are almost endless. These structures are very easy and affordable to set up, and once you have one, you can use it for anything from parking your car to storing tools to using it as a clubhouse or rehearsal hall. This is the type of space that can truly be customized to your specific needs.

Dining room design trends 2014

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The New Year may be in its infancy, but already there are predictions for the design trends of 2014. When it comes to the dining room, the trend seems to be continuing to make it a room that gets used every day, rather than just once a week.

dining room design

The kitchen/diner
Open plan for these two once separate areas seems to be a trend that is here to stay. This recent trend towards open plan dining is due in many ways to the emphasis being put upon a family eating together. Studies have proven that family members that eat together have a healthier, more emotionally stable relationship with one another. Teenagers achieve better grades at school, appear less likely to use drink and drugs, and are less likely to develop eating disorders.

The kitchen, traditionally considered as the heart of the home, is being combined with the dining area, and instead of being separated by a wall; zones are now defining these two spaces. This means decorating the kitchen, for example, in one wall colour, with the dining area being painted in a different shade (in the same tonal range) to mark the transition.

dining room design trends 2014

Zoning is also achieved by lighting, and distinctive lighting is a definite design trend for 2014. With the recent fashion for upcycling, taking household items and re-purposing them, truly original and distinctive lights are being designed. For example, magnificent chandeliers are being created from upturned empty wine bottles, teacups and saucers, knives and forks. A chandelier of this type hung over a dining table will not only help to define the area but also creates a conversation piece for dinner guests.

Decorating trends
When it comes to dining areas or dining rooms, rustic is in. The trend these days is to go for a natural look, and this is easily achieved with furniture. An oak dining table, for example, is a perfect choice. Oak is a wonderfully sturdy and durable natural material, and with its attractive grain, brings a little bit of the outdoors to the interior.

modern dining room

Another trend that began last year and looks set to continue in 2014 is the idea that nothing needs to match in a room. So a dining table need not have chairs that match, but the more eclectic the chairs, the better. A table need not only have chairs around it, but could employ chairs along one side and a bench along the other. A bench is not only a space saving option, but this type of communal seating also creates a more convivial atmosphere.

Understatement is dead. A design trend of 2014 involves big and bold statements, both in colour and in accessories. Vibrant colours such as turquoise, yellows and greens are in, and not just as accent colours.

latest trends in dining rooms

There are also some surprising returns for materials. For example, metals, and particularly brass, are making a comeback, and not just in the kitchen where they might be expected. The soft, burnished reflective nature of brass instantly helps to add warmth to a room, whilst giving it an opulent feel.

5 great ways decorate your bathroom in 2014

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Our bathrooms are one of the most used but under-appreciated rooms in our homes. In action constantly throughout the day, our bathrooms are often less about enjoying the space and instead simply used for practical reasons. From early morning, bleary- eyed stumbles from the bedroom to wash our face and clean our teeth before work, to the same all over again before bedtime, most of our bathrooms serve a purpose, and that’s it.aabathroom

But what if they could be more than that? Instead of just rooms that perform a function, what if our bathrooms were spaces to enjoy? If your bathroom was more exciting, nicer to be in and a joy to look at, wouldn’t you want to spend more time in there? (but not too much, hopefully.)

To make your bathroom a better space for you, and to turn it into a room you’ll enjoy, here are some tips to spruce up your bathroom in 2014!

Funky Lighting
From spotlights to under counter lights, there are so many ways to change the way your bathroom looks and feels with lighting. One nice way to change the mood and feel of your bathroom is with dressing room style bulbs either side of your main bathroom mirror. Be the star of your own bathroom with large
bulbs and bright lights whenever you enter the bathroom!

Another great idea is to use under-counter lighting. Soothing and subtle, under-counter lights look great when taking a nice relaxing bath or during an early morning visit to the bathroom.

Interesting Storage
Storage is a common problem in bathrooms. With so many items to store such as toothbrushes, hair brushes, face washes, towels and more, sometimes our bathrooms can look really cluttered and unsightly. One unique way to fix this is with baskets attached to the walls. Used to store towels and flannels, this not only saves space, but allows you to quickly and easily add some colour to the room without having to redecorate.

stylish bathroom

Flower Power
It’s a simple fix, but the addition of flowers can have a great impact on the feel of your bathroom. For bathrooms without a window or light source, be sure to pick flowers that can handle low light.

The Ceiling’s The Limit
Painting and decorating can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. One way to make a big impact with paint, without having to buy multiple tins or spend weeks sanding and painting is to forget the walls; paint the ceiling instead. Your walls can remain white or tiled, but a striking colour added to the ceiling can make a big impression for relatively little effort. Match the colour with towels and other bathroom accessories for maximum impact.


Possibly the simplest and easiest way to change the feel of your bathroom; try accessorising with new towels, flannels and other bathroom accessories. For those with a relatively plain bathroom such as white walls and ceilings, a dash of colour with nice towels, matching toothbrush cups and flannels can turn a dull room into something really nice. This method also allows you to change the colour scheme of the room with no decorating required!

If little touches aren’t enough, then maybe it’s time you spoke to Eau Couture. Born from a passion to deliver unique and cutting edge design, Eau Couture’s range of bathroom taps, showers and other accessories are constructed from the finest materials and manufactured in the very best factories Europe has to offer.

Your bathroom can be so much more than just another room in the house, so try these tips the next time you feel like giving your bathroom a makeover, and see the difference they can make.

Ceiling renovation guide

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Tired of your cracked or uneven ceiling? You remodeled your home, but the ceiling is not matching with your new interior design? It is time to consider renovating your ceiling and make it a decorative element.

We cant ignore the fact that ceiling opens up many prospects for decoration in any interior. Such as increase in brightness & making  the interior look spacious . It is recommended that before starting any paint or wallpaper work, remember to restore this essential part. Its is advisable that you should first call a ceiling renovation expert to examine the condition of your house & determine the repairing cost. If you have limited budget, you can opt for DIY if  you got  the required skills as well as the knowledge about required materials (Which in most of the cases is not) so it is highly recommended you must try professional services from companies like Armstrong Residential Ceilings products for best & guaranteed results. Here are some steps you should follow in order to achieve better results in your ceiling renovation job.

ceiling before renovation

Ceiling before renovation

Before repair: clean and renovate
There are two ways to clean and maintain a ceiling so that it still retains its original appearance: blasting and leaching. Firstly, use a brush to remove dust and waste deposited on the ceiling.Then, it must pass a sponge with a mixture of detergents for washing. Washing will continue until no waste remains cleaner.Stripping will be a waste of time if the leaching is perfect.

For the etching, there is a special stripper used to cover the ceiling. After the exposure time, the paint will come off when you remove the product. It should be noted that protective measures are important in this step because the strippers are sources of skin diseases. After leaching and stripping, make sure that the cracks do not exist. Otherwise, you must use the drain.

How to fix crack?
When water is infiltrated, several problems may arise. This is the case for the crack of the ceiling.It is therefore possible remedy before it worsens. In this case must collect all possible materials like sponge, calico, the spackle, scraper and putty knife. Then, locate the crack, removing casts that are no longer useful and rub her inside.

To ensure the fixation of the coating which has just been installed and the cleaning of the interior of the crack, it is necessary to apply a wet sponge. On the other hand, it is important to assess the quality of spackle. The latter is not reliable when time consuming heating. This coating helps to fill the crack by spreading in the direction of crack. Then you have to check the level of the surface by passing a old umbrella.

ceiling after renovation

Ceiling after renovation

For cleaning, planning a sponge, detergent, a bucket. For repairs, it will take a scraper, a putty knife, a knife coating, coating sealing and smoothing, sandpaper and sanding block. Moreover a suitable medium for this type of painting, roller brush and tray, grab a protective cover, glasses and a ladder or scaffolding which you test the balance and solidity. Empty room to facilitate your development without damaging the furniture.

Cleaning of the ceiling surface
First check if your ceiling is coated with lime (pass a wet sponge, if it appears white, it is lime that covers your ceiling): If this is the case, we will have wall washing to remove any the product because it prevents the taking of paint or glue.Check the source of any moisture stains to neutralize leakage and ventilation problems.

Stopgap ceiling
Remove cracks and paint chips with the knife. Clear cracks scraper and then use spackle that you have previously mixed. To increase membership, should be moistened the fault and put two coats a day apart. If the crevice is very important, use a banner, a piece of paper covered with plaster. Once dry, the coating must be sanded carefully scratching or irregularities appear in the painting.

ceiling tiles

Painting or tiling of the ceiling
Once cleaned the wall, it is time to paint. Place protective tape along the walls so as not to dirty the walls. Work on square 1 meter side starting by painting the edges with a brush, then go roller. Follow the evolution of light to identify possible thicknesses and irregularities. Put two coats a day apart.  Instead of paint You can also use ceiling tiles or drop ceiling if you are more concerned about decoration. In this way you can increase the decoration of your interior with little investment.

Ideal home show at christmas preview

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The Christmas Ideal Home Show has everything under one roof, making it the ultimate Christmas shopping experience, and much more besides.

What is the Ideal Home Christmas Show?
The Ideal Home Show, held at Earls Court in London, is synonymous with choice. It brings together everything you could possibly think of to improve your home, all under one roof. The show gives exhibitors an arena in which to promote their products, as well as offering visitors useful and informative demonstrations. Get tempted by self-cleaning hot tubs from Hydropool or find out how water filters from Kinetico can improve your quality of life at home. Help is at hand with creative and inspirational ideas for how to improve and enhance your home.

The Christmas edition of the show is no exception, but the advice and improvement suggestions slant, naturally, towards Christmas. However, it’s not all about home improvements. The Christmas show offers a huge variety of tips covering seasonal food and drink, with Christmas decoration and gift ideas. The show also provides entertainment for all the family, with a smattering of guest-stars and famous faces along the way. With over 650 exhibitors, covering seven different sections, the Christmas show will have everything to provide the perfect family day out.

ideal home show

Get the Christmas Feel
Although the show is essentially geared towards home improvements and the ultimate shopping experience, the Christmas extravaganza also offers a huge array of entertainment:

Take a well-earned rest from shopping and get your ice-skating groove on by visiting the centre-stage ice-rink. The rink is perfect for some energetic fun for all the family. There is a bandstand alongside the rink providing seasonal music through a variety of genres (including gospel choirs) to get you in the festive mood.

Food & drink
Perhaps you’ve always had a yearning to discover the secret of how to cook spectacularly crispy roast potatoes; or alternatively, feel the need to spice up your sprouts. If so, the ever-popular live cookery theatre could provide you with the know-how and skills to create a Christmas Day masterpiece. Famous chefs, such as the irrepressible Gino d’Campo, will guide you through the preparation of their own favourite meals, with personal tips and advice. Once you’ve got the culinary side sussed, head over to the Christmas drinks’ theatre, where experts are on hand to offer advice regarding the most suitable drinks to complement your Christmas dinner. After all that you will undoubtedly be in need of some refreshment, so head to Greg Wallace’s Christmas Restaurant and celebrate Christmas early with a specially designed festive menu.

Home-made decorations
It is easy to get bored when bringing out the same Christmas decorations every year, but that will all change after visiting the show. Discover unique ways to spruce up your decorations in the Christmas theatre and learn how to make your own cards, wreaths, table settings and much more.

decoration for christmas

Christmas gifts
If you intend to visit the Christmas show to shop until you drop, you won’t be disappointed. With over 100 exhibitors providing unique gifts not usually found on the high-street, and offering inspirational gift ideas (ranging from household gadgets to stocking fillers), it will be impossible not to find the perfect presents.

Christmas Smart Home
This is where the latest gadgets and technology will be show-cased. If you want to know what the next electronic craze is, then this is the place for you. While you are there, take the opportunity to catch your breath and enjoy a mince pie and hot drink at the Winter cafe.

christmas decoration ideas 2013

Home-Improvement Ideas
Although the show naturally slants towards Christmas, the fundamental idea behind the Ideal Home Show is to provide the products, advice and tools to improve your home. So if you’re after tips on how to re-decorate a particular room; or want some ideas and inspiration on how to spruce up your home by adding a few artistic touches, then this is the place for you. The show hosts a section that will help answer all your questions and decorating dilemmas, by offering invaluable advice from specialists and representatives from top quality brands.

It goes without saying that the Ideal Home Christmas Show is jam-packed with things to see and do. In fact, without careful planning, the huge choice could mean that you miss out on something special. It is therefore imperative that you plan your visit in advance, thus ensuring that you don’t miss a minute of the fun!